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"Bowled Over" - The Long Room, MCC Lords Ground
The Pakistan Human Development Fund UK hosted a fundraising dinner in the celebrated Long Room at the MCC Lords, the 'Home of Cricket'. In the presence of Her Excellency, The High Commissioner for Pakistan Dr. Maleeha Lodhi and Dr. Nasim Ashraf Minister of State and Chaiman for the National Commission for Human Development in Pakistan. Mohammad I Khokhar, Chairman PHDF UK and guests were honoured to dine with a host of both England & Pakistan's cricket legends.

All proceeds from the evening are earmarked for the earthquake and development projects in Pakistan.
Some photograhs of our guests
Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Minister of State and Chairman National Commission for Human Development Pakistan, Her Excellency, The High Commissioner for Pakistan Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, Mohammad I Khokhar, Chairman and Founder Director Pakistan Human Development Fund UK
His Excellency, Deputy High Commissioner for Pakistan Mr Abdul Basit, Mrs Basit, Mr Wisaluddin & Mrs Shehla Khokhar
Mike Cowan (background), Asif Iqbal, Pervez Sajjad, Imtiaz Ahmad, Bob Taylor, Allim-ud-Din, Khan Mohammad, Saleem Altaf, Peter Parfitt, Mike Barnard, Brian Taylor and Arthur Milton
Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Brig. Norman Butler CBE, Patron PHDF UK, Mohammad Khokhar, Mike Cowan, Brian Taylor, Peter Parfitt & Bob Taylor
Arshad Mohammad, Director PHDF UK and Founder Director, Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Abdul Rahman & Faisal Ali
Imtiaz Ahmad, Allim-ud-Din, Asif Iqbal & Saleem Altaf
Khan Mohammad, Peter Parfitt, Mike Cowan, Norman Butler & Bob Taylor
Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Imtiaz Ahmad, Allim-ud-Din,Khan Mohammad & Asif Iqbal
Peter Parfitt, Brian Taylor & Arthur Milton
Imtiaz Ahmad (centre) with Mr & Mrs Anjum Bashir
Khan Mohammad
Bob Taylor
Mike Cowan, Peter Parfitt & Brian Taylor
Zafar Ali & Imtiaz Ahmad
Mrs Arshad Mohammad, Mrs Miriam Khokhar, Miss Aisha Ali, Mrs Shehla Khokhar & Mrs Abdul Rahman
Commodore & Mrs Kamran Khan
Pervez Sajjad, Asif Iqbal, Saleem Altaf Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Zafar Ali & Shahid Saadullah
Asif Iqbal and Mr & Mrs Arthur Milton
Mohammad I Khokhar, Khan Mohammad, Allim-ud-Din & Mike Cowan
Mr & Mrs Bob Taylor & Peter Parfitt
Waseem Khokhar, Trustee PHDF UK, and wife Shuggufta
Louise Fein, Melanie Butler & Penelope Gorman
Kauser Kazmi & Dr. Nasim Ashraf
Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, Mohammad I Khokhar & Mike Cowan
Shahid Saadullah, Pervez Sajjad, Asif Iqbal & Saleem Altaf
Mr & Mrs Arthur Milton, Norman Butler & Dr. Nasim Ashraf
David Selves, David Parry & Mark Lawrence
Peter Parfitt & Allim-ud-Din
Pervez Sajjad, Allim-ud-Din, Arshad Mohammad & Imtiaz Ahmad
John Baldwin & Khan Mohammad
James Gardiner, Denise & Frank Dwyer, Michael Jenner, Ita & Anthony O'Sullivan
Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, Mr Maidley & Mohammad I Khokhar
Mr & Mrs Ashiq Ghauri & Mr & Mrs Naeem Ghauri
Aamir Ghauri
Mike Cowan & Imtiaz Ahmad
Nighat Awan, Arshad Mohammad,Rafiq Awan & Asif Rahman
Anthony Bunker & John Baldwin
British Pakistani Psychiatrists Association
Allim-ud-Din, Mohammad I Khokhar & Mike Cowan
Yousuf Abbasi & Keith Alexander
Dr. Nasim Ashraf and Dr & Mrs Kennedy
Shaikh Surbland, Arshad Mohammad & Mohammad I Khokhar
Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, Dr. Nasim Ashraf & Mohammad I Khokhar
John & Farah Baldwin, Event Director PHDF UK
Asif Iqbal
Khan Mohammad
Mr & Mrs Shabbir Randeree
Anthony Bunker
Kausar Kazmi & Dr. Lalvani
Mr & Mrs Ali Naqvi
Humayoon Mughal & daughter
David Selves
Khan Mohammad & Dr. Nasim Ashraf
Sohail Anjum Photography